About Bighorn Sheep

Alberta Big Horn sheep


Our Bighorn Sheep area in Alberta  is a 4/5 curl area, which means that most 6.5  year old rams will be legal.  We try to shoot rams from 7.5-11.5 years of age. In full curl areas of southern Alberta and British Columbia, many of the rams, if they broom off, from a young age, will never reach “legal” status, so it is an advantage to hunt an area, like ours, with a 4/5 regulation.

We often get asked the average size of the sheep. This is the most northern herd of Bighorn Sheep in North America. The sheep in this area move back and forth between  British Columbia  and Alberta which offers our clients a better success rate due to British Columbia full curl regulation.   Bighorn sheep sometimes cross into the Kakwa River and into the Wilmore Wilderness area. The  advantage we have in this area is we don’t have any park or coal mine borders, so we don’t have to sit on the borders, waiting for rams to come into our area, like some other areas in southern Alberta or British Columbia. The area consist of good genetics with rams averaging 160 class with potential 175 plus rams.

Bighorns hunted, fair chase in open areas of Canada is a trophy well earned.  It is not for the hunter without patience, time and mental toughness.   It is one of the hardest hunts in North America and one of the most sought after cherished trophies.